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3 Things We Learned From TikTok

One of the benefits of spending hours watching videos on TikTok is learning a few tips and tricks in all categories. Here are 3 things we learned we suggest, from cooking to fashion!

Hair Claw Styles

A go-to hair style to complete any 'fit or fix a bad hair day! If you are looking for a way to style long hair with ease, try this hair claw trick. Once you have the hang of it you will be wearing a hair claw style everyday ~ with our Harper Hair Claw of course!

Fashion Hacks

Here are a few fashion hacks to incorporate into your everyday denim looks! From cropping a tee to adjusting an oversized belt and shortening sleeves, you will be wearing your favorite pieces in no time. All you need is a hair tie, fashion tape and a few rubber bands!

How to Make Pasta

If you are looking to expand your chef skills, try this pasta recipe. In a few simple steps you will be enjoying a delicious meal...worth the viral hype. Invite some friends over, throw on our cozy Abigail Romper and give it a try!


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