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5 Everyday Self Care Tips

Now more than ever, self care should be at the top of your priority list! Here are 5 everyday self care tips you can start adding to your daily routine.

Drink Water

Drinking water can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health and is a simple addition to your everyday routine. Some of the benefits include memory retention, dehydration, feeling exhausted, and decreased feelings of anxiety. Try and fill your cup first thing in the morning, before you have that first sip of coffee, and you’ll set yourself on the right path for the day. Bonus tip --- get yourself a cute water bottle that you’ll love drinking out of everyday!

Dance Party

Have a mini dance party! Now this is a self care activity I can absolutely do. Put together a playlist of your favorite dance songs, lock your bedroom door and crank up the volume. Dancing releases happy hormones and can instantly boost your mood. This is also a great way to release any built up tension you may be carrying throughout the day. ,


Try a yoga class! The practice of yoga can be both physically and mentally beneficial. It can increase strength and balance, improve sleep, and even reduce stress and anxiety. Dedicate 10 minutes of your day to practicing yoga and learning different poses that can benefit your specific needs.

Get Organized

When you are organized you feel more in control, focused and calmer. Getting organized can be as easy as making a list of things you want to accomplish that day, week or even month. You don’t have to organize every closet or junk drawer in your house, a simple notepad and pen can be all you need to feel a little more together and ready to take on your day. Eventually you’ll get in the habit of writing down what you need to accomplish and it will make your day feel so much smoother.

Treat Yourself!

Whether it’s ordering dessert after dinner or buying yourself that bag you’ve been eyeing, treating yourself is a guaranteed way to put an instant smile on your face. It doesn’t have to be an over the top purchase, something as small as a new bracelet can boost your mood and will make you happy every time you look at your new purchase. So treat yourself and take a look at some of our favorite gifts to you from you!


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