Date Night Ideas

The days are getting longer and the warm weather offers endless opportunities for you and your significant other to unwind together. Here are a few of our favorite date night go-tos!

Night On The Town

A night on the town is almost guaranteed to be a great time! Whether it's the first or hundredth date, head out in your city and spend some time with your significant other. Grab dinner and dessert at your favorite restaurant or re-do your first date. Either way, it also gives you a reason to dress your best!


One of the best parts of summer is all the concerts and local bands playing around various cities, and in some cases for free! A night filled with good music and great company makes for an amazing time. Take it a step further and dress up on theme to make those date night selfies insta-worthy!

Roller Skating

Head to the roller-skating rink for a fun and unexpected date night! There is nothing that will bring you and your date closer, especially if neither of you know how to skate. Enjoy a night of endless laughs while fumbling around the rink trying to stay on your feet!

Movie Night

An absolute date-night classic: dinner and a movie! The movies are a great way to spend time together, whether you're headed with a box of tissues to a sappy romance, or grabbing onto your date when there's jump scare in a horror flick. Bonus points if you can find a drive in theatre!


Take advantage of the summer weather and enjoy a daytime date outdoors! Go for a hike, ride bikes or walk around a state park or other scenic route in your city. It's the perfect way to spend some quality time while getting a great working, it's a win-win!


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