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Jewelry Staples Every Girl Should Own

Having a good set of go-to staple jewelry instantly changes any outfit! From casual to a night out, adding the right accessories can tie together the look while upgrading your style. Here are a few of our favorite jewelry pieces right now!

Everyday Earrings

Every girl needs a good pair of hoops or studs for an everyday look! Whether you prefer gold or silver, select a style you love and then don't think twice about wearing with any {and every} outfit. Our Celine and Butterfly Earrings are two great options to upgrade your style.

Girl's Night Out Earrings

Must-have no. 2 is a pair of pearl earrings; however, this doesn't mean you need a standard set. We LOVE our Adalynn Earrings because they give that classic pearl with a modern flare. These earrings are standouts and will take any outfit to a whole new level. To put simply, buy now!

Go-To Necklace

AKA the necklace you grab last minute, without thinking, because it goes with everything! Our Reese and Emma Necklace can easily be your new 24/7 piece and become a neck staple. Depending on your style, both options add a bit of detail and can easily be stacked for an exaggerated look!

Statement Necklace

A statement necklace that adds a pop to every outfit and will have heads turning left and right is a great alternative to your go-to...and our Charlotte Necklace is just the piece. Featuring various silver chains, the necklace creates a layered look without the hassle of deciding what looks best.

Set of Rings

We recommend wearing 2-3 rings everyday! A few of our favorites are the Peyton Ring, Grace Ring and Magnolia Ring. All three rings have unique details to add to your look while looking great together. Wear separately, stack with other pieces or add them can't go wrong!


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