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Let's Celebrate: St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a week away and all we can think is GREEN! Your celebration may look a bit different this year but who says you can’t have a fun day at home – one-word: BRUNCH!

Invite friends over for a themed brunch and enjoy all thing green. Create a festive meal, put a twist on your favorite drink and decorate. Here are a few ideas we suggest to bring the celebration to you!


Bagels - Visit your local bagel shop for green colored bagels or make them at home.

Irish Breakfast - Scramble some eggs and add breakfast potatoes, sausage and bacon as sides.

Waffles - Top with green sprinkles and whipped cream for a fun twist on everyday waffles.


Champagne - Add green food coloring to an ice tray to place in champagne or sprite!

Irish Coffee - Coffee lover? Make your own version with your favorite brew. Smoothie/Juice - If you're looking for a healthy option, make a green juice for all friends to enjoy.


Create a themed display with balloons, garland and confetti! See our Pinterest for DIY decor and inspo.


Don't forget to WEAR green! Keep it chic and simple with some of our favorite Ever Row styles.


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