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Nail Trends We Love

Selecting a nail color is not always an easy decision. If you have a color in mind, no problem! If not, you’re left sorting through the available hues thinking of everything you'll have to do while wearing that color…Is it appropriate for an interview? Will it match the dress I’m wearing for the wedding? Does it clash with my going out look? To help the process, we’re rounding up our 5 favorite nail colors to try this season. Skip the headache of thinking about all your plans for the next few weeks and try one of these fun on trend ideas!


From a baby blue to azure to royal, the options for blue are endless. It is a great go-to with lots of variety that will add statement to any look!


If pink isn’t your color and orange is a bit too bright, try a pastel hue. We suggest a minty green which is both trend and a great choice without being to daring.

Negative Space

Upgrade the classic french tip style by adding a color and a nude base. The outcome is instantly chic!


Add a bit of sunshine to your nails with a shade of yellow. This bold, yet fun, color choice will be sure to make a statement.


Looking for something to take you from work to play? From a light beige to a deep tan, nude nails are a classic option for any style.


If you can’t make up your mind, try them all! Mix and match a few of your favorite shades for a colorful look. Pro tip -- focus on one color and select complimenting lighter and darker hues.

Don't forget to add some {Ever Row} accessories!


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