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Travel Guide: Key West, FL

Enjoy a nice relaxing vacation to one of Florida’s most beautiful beaches and destination spots, Key West. Key West marks the southernmost point in the United States and is famous for water sports, lively nightlife, amazing beaches, and historical sites. Without a doubt, after taking a trip down south, you will already be planning your next visit there!


Key West has a multitude of restaurants with a variety of delicious food. Here are three of the most famous restaurants for both locals and tourists to enjoy!

Sloppy Joe’s Bar * 201 Duval St

Sloppy Joe’s has been opened since 1933, so it is one of the oldest restaurants in Key West and is famous for being Ernest Hemingway’s go-to bar.

Two Friends Patio Restaurant * 512 Front St

A fantastic place to try out for its amazing food and history; it is one of the last remaining establishments of Old Key West.

Rams Head Southernmost * 804 Whitehead St

Not as historically significant; however, if you are looking to relax and have a fun time, this is the spot you need to go. It offers food, drinks, views, and live music.


The perfect destination for fun activities to spend one’s time. Most notably, the variety of beaches; however, there are plenty of historical sites to and tons of shopping!

Smathers Beach * 2601 S Roosevelt Blvd

Sit back and relax on the largest public beach in Key West or enjoy the day kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling and more! Planning to bring your furry friend on vacation? Dog beach is an amazing spot that allows dogs to be unleashed and run free on the beach and play in the water and sand.

Mallory Square * 400 Wall St

A popular destination in Key West is Mallory Square. Referred to as the hub of Kew West’s social and commercial life, it is a waterfront square with restaurants, shopping, festivals, and live music. It is definitely a spot you don’t want to miss!

Southernmost Point Buoy * Whitehead St &, South St

You cannot go to Key West without taking a picture at the famous buoy which marks the southernmost point of the United States. Pro tip - we recommend going at odd hours of the day to avoid a line!


There is no vacation without place to stay! From lively to relaxing, boutique to spa, Key West an option for whatever your vacation requires.

Havana Cabana Resort * 3420 N. Roosevelt Blvd

The Havana Cabana Resorts offers guests a one-of-a kind experience with inspired architecture, décor, music and mid-century cars to greet all guests. Offering waterfront views and Key West’s largest pool, it is perfect option for ultimate relaxation.

Pier House * 1 Duval Street

An ocean view resort with private beaches, a renowned spa and legendary dining, the Pier House creates an exclusive guest experience. Enjoy a tranquil getaway while overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, you may never leave!

Parrot Key * 2801 N. Roosevelt Boulevard

Island life awaits at the Parrot Key Hotel and Vista. Enjoy glimmering pools, spacious accommodations, hammocks, water sports, al fresco dining and more! A complimentary shuttle ride allows for an island vibe while still enjoying all Key West has to offer.

What to Pack

Vacations were made for relaxing, having fun, and taking lots of cute photos! Before your trip, make sure your suitcase is filled with the latest styles. Here are a few of our beach favorites:


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